Part of living in a good area, such as the affluent subdivisions in Daang Hari, is a concrete sense of community between its residents. The neighbors don’t necessarily have to be the best of friends, but it’s always good if the community as a whole gets along. Having a united community means less chaos and proper resolutions to issues that may arise. It will also help in fostering a healthy environment for your family to reside in.

But how do you build a better community within your subdivision? If you take initiative, what should be the basic things to do? Below are some tips.

Interact with your neighbors
Living in a posh subdivision in Daang Hari, it’s understandable for many residents to want to stay in their homes just to take in the luxury of their home. However, interacting with your fellow neighbors is a good start to building camaraderie and a sense of community. Rather than be holed up in your designer homes all day, why not talk with your neighbors? Something simple such as a passing conversation on your morning jog can help establish a bond and create new friends that you can trust within the community.

Lend a helping hand
Embodying the Filipino spirit of Bayanihan is something you can do to establish a great relationship with your neighbors. It strengthens the community and allows for a generally hospitable and accommodating environment. Whether it’s walking their dog while they are away or warning them of floods outside the subdivision, helping your neighbors can help strengthen your rapport as a community and is also fulfilling for you.

Hold regular activities
Holding activities is a fun way to get to know your neighbors and fellow residents better. Perhaps you can form weekly book clubs or sports teams so you can have a common hobby with your neighbors. There are lots of activities you as a community can do, and you don’t have to leave the subdivision for it.

Join the homeowners association
Much like a parent-teacher association in school, it’s good for the community in your subdivision to have a homeowners association to handle matters. They are the ones to hold monthly meetings to discuss various concerns such as the neighborhood watch, the facilities within the subdivision that need fixing, etc. This is also a great avenue for other members of the community to air their personal concerns in a safe and receptive environment. Take initiative and join the association so you can help towards establishing a better community. You’d be surprised what your little contributions can do for the good of all the residents.

Of course, building a community is not a one-man task. It involves the contributions and actions of several people in order to establish a healthy environment for all involved. By doing your part in this goal, no matter how small, you can help in maintaining peace and order within the subdivision, making you a valuable member and positive influence to the community.