Meet Filigree — the newest selection of properties for sale that offer the most stylish homes tailor made for you. Our residences were designed to fit your upscale lifestyle and impeccable tastes.


So why choose properties for sale at Filigree? We give you more than enough reasons why:


Prestigious locations


Part of our mission to redefine luxury is to offer you comfortable homes, which is why we placed our projects in the most prominent locations in the country to give you access to anything and everything you will ever need, without the hassle of travelling all over the Metro. Sites such as Alabang and Bonifacio Global City make the most prestigious locations because they are surrounded by commercial centers.  


Top of the line properties


We build our properties with sophisticated designs and superb materials. We take into account your needs right from the very first lines we put in our blueprints. Or residences personify Filigree’s unparalleled attention to detail and remarkable craftsmanship, all ready to welcome you in our top of the line properties all over the country.


Luxury in the flesh


To have everything we need within arm’s reach is considered luxury. Our properties at Filigree place you within a few meters from malls, schools and other hideaways where you can go about your daily activities without the hassle of travelling deeper in the Metro.


Each property we offer embraces the one thing that makes Filigree stand out: each corner provides a taste of luxury which is distinctly ours.  


True to its name, properties at Filigree embody the opulence of luxury living. At the same time, they offer the comfort and warmth that can only be found at home. We know your need for comfort and style, and we have excellently satisfied them with our portfolio of top class properties. The properties for sale at Filigree are epitome of style and comfort which is what makes it different from the rest. So why choose Filigree? The answer is simple: there is no other like it.