As more and more people move to Metro Manila for career and business opportunities, condo living has become a more popular and viable option in terms of residency. A dwelling area that answers the urban space dilemma of living in the Metro, it has become an efficient way to reside in the city. It offers a large enough living space while also being close to central business districts and to leisure establishments. For families settling down, it also provides enough space and amenities to ensure a comfortable haven for relaxation for all family members. This also means being a breath away from top educational institutions. It’s no wonder that a lot of people are going into city living with how prevalent condos are in many parts of Metro Manila.


Despite this, city living doesn’t mean that one has to be detached from the rest of society and the environment. Metro Manila is becoming more overpopulated, making it susceptible to pollution. Fortunately, city dwellers are taking initiative in improving Metro Manila’s environmental conditions. For condo residents, it can range from simple things such as recycling and reducing energy consumption to bigger things like getting condominiums that are registered under the Philippine Green Council’s BERDE program.


Looking for a condo, particularly an Alabang condo for sale due to its prime location to central business districts and establishments, that is both comfortable and nature-friendly can be tedious. But in doing so, combined efforts can lead to a comfortable living situation and a healthier Mother Earth for all to enjoy.


Below are some tips that you can employ to ensure a greener living standard within the walls and even outside your comfortable condo living space.















Greener Appliances and Furniture

In order to reduce consumption of electricity, use energy-efficient appliances signified by the energy star. The energy star eco-labeling is an international standard with regards to energy efficiency. Appliances labeled as such go to “sleep” mode when not in use and use less energy when in “standby”, reducing power consumption. This goes for the lighting, too, as replacing one regular incandescent light bulb with a compact fluorescent bulb will save 300 pounds of carbon dioxide a year. Having eco-friendly and locally made furniture also helps in making your condo living greener.


Of course, simply having eco-friendly furniture and appliances are not enough. One must also regularly unplug appliances that are not in use, as 75% of energy consumed often comes from appliances that are “switched off”. This is called a phantom load. Placement of appliances is also essential to reducing energy consumption. For example, an air conditioner placed near direct sunlight would make it harder for the cooling system to do its job, increasing the consumed energy in order to fulfil its requirement.
















Green Decorations

Aside from making use of environment-friendly appliances, increasing plants inside your unit can do wonders both aesthetically and environmentally to your condo interior. Plants can act as natural air filters for pollutants while replenishing oxygen levels in a confined space. Additionally, studies have shown that having indoor plants in one’s home can reduce fatigue and stress and even avoid respiratory illnesses. If you want to save up on having to buy indoor ionizers that can add up to your electricity bill, indoor plants are great ways to have air coolers through natural evaporation and transpiration.












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Greener Waste Management

The age old mantra of reduce, reuse, and recycle can apply even in a condo setting. Segregating and recycling are great ways to manage and reduce your everyday waste. But of course, it does not stop within your very own condo unit. Check to see if the waste management practices of your condominium complex are updated and efficient. This is to ensure that your waste management methods inside your condo also extend to how your condominium and its management deal with the accumulated waste from other unit owners.














Green Architecture

Aside from improving how your condo looks on the inside through indoor foliage and determining how your condo manages its waste, consider how your condo is built. A condominium complex with green architecture in mind is great for making your condo living much more pleasant. For the interiors of your condo, try searching for units that allow for natural lighting to seep through the windows. Condominiums with lush gardens and sunroofs can also do wonders for getting that oxygen and Vitamin D by simply walking around the area. You can even look into the building materials of the condo to ensure that everything used is eco-friendly from furniture in the lobby to even paint finishes that are lead-free and have low volatile organic compounds (VOC) in their composition.















Greener Transportation

Make sure that your location is optimal to a more environment-friendly commute. If you’re living in a prime location wherein you can simply walk or bike to work without too much hassle, then this is already a huge contribution to reduce pollution. If this isn’t possible, try setting up a car-pooling scheme with fellow unit owners or fellow employees whenever you can. Either way you look at it, having a condo unit near where you work is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. If you’re working in Alabang, try looking for an Alabang condo for sale so your commute to work is green and hassle-free.


Despite all the fanciness of living in a luxurious condo unit, taking the environment into consideration should never be forgotten. City dwellers need to remember that affecting nature negatively has its consequences. Involving oneself in destructive methods to the environment will inevitably lead to dire living standards. It’s also important to give back to the environment and work hard to preserve it so our families and the future generation can continue to enjoy all of nature’s gifts and benefits. So why not go for a greener condo unit today? Botanika Nature Residences is a residential enclave that is dedicated to green living and registered under the BERDE project. If you’re working in the Alabang area and are looking for an eco-friendly Alabang condo for sale, Botanika has the perfect unit for you. Contact us now for more details