Most people are hesitant to live in condos because of their prepossessed misconceptions on the topic brought about by hearsays. There are a lot of fallacies about living in a condo which have formed over the years. To help you appreciate purchasing your condo with us, we have clarified some myths about living in a condo in the Philippines:


Myth #1: You have no privacy


Residents often look for homes that gives the same feeling as if they are living in a single family home. Less number of units mean that there are less people per floor, guaranteeing to give you the serenity you crave after a long day.


The Beaufort, one of the luxury condo buildings developed by Filigree, was built to fit four spacious units per floor. There is also no need to worry about security. Each unit has its own built in security features.


Myth #2: There are no open spaces—just a huge chunk of concrete blocks


This misconception must have stemmed from the old designs of other condo buildings. For instance, Botanika Nature Residences at Alabang offers luscious green living in a low density living with unparalleled balance between nature and luxury. Its units have built in balconies where you can stay when you want to breathe in some fresh air and marvel at the beauty of your surroundings.


Myth #3: It’s too small

The first question other people will ask the moment you tell them that you are going to move into a condo is if your belongings will fit in there. With Filigree, the answer is simply yes.


The crowdedness of the Metro has made space a luxury, which Filigree freely provides you in its modish condo units. The condominiums at FIligree have more than enough space that you need. Luxury condos include spaces which are as wide as single-family homes giving you the freedom to move around, while still having plenty of vacant space.


Myth #4: Buying new means delayed moving in


While this happens in reality, this scenario is rare for reputable developers. Here at FIligree, we stay true to our word of redefining luxury by making sure that you will not be hassled in any way in regards of moving into your condo. We do our very best to assure you that our projects are built with care and with top notch builders and designers for an accurate and precise construction. We keep our clients posted for new constructions, leasing and other updates so they feel certain of their moving date.


Condominiums are the epitome of convenient living in the city. Filigree takes it a step further by adding touches of elegance and luxury as shown in our top class projects in prime locations all over the country. Now that we have debunked myths about living in a condo, you can now reserve your unit in one of Filigree’s properties to experience a premier condo living like no other.


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