With the rainy season coming in full force in our country, it’s no surprise that many residents are opting to stay in their houses for some quality time with themselves. It’s tempting to just sleep in all day, or perhaps just sit on your couch with a hot cup of coffee or tea in hand. Because we all want to stay at home especially during intense periods of rain, we should put in some extra steps into making our homes beautiful and perfect for the rainy season. If you need a guide on how you can renovate your house for this season, read on to find out!

Choose bright colors
The rainy season means that the surroundings will be dark and gloomy, much more when you’re staying inside your homes. You can turn on the lights to brighten up your home, but that may result in higher electricity bills. There’s also the matter of possible brownouts. With this, it’s best to decorate your homes with bright colors that naturally brighten up your house’s interior. There are a bunch of different colors to use, from turquoise to white to pink and purple.

Get creative with rainy season decor
You can research on what decorations you can put in your house this rainy season or ask any designers you know for recommendations. Always remember that your decorations have to compliment the season. For example, scented candles are great for warmth and also for combating the earthy and musty scent of the rainfall outside. You can use sheer drapes and curtains so sunlight can seep through and make your surroundings even brighter. As for decorations, wind chimes are great for that relaxing twinkling sound when the strong winds blow.

Make your home rain-ready
Of course, renovating your home shouldn’t just be done from an aesthetic standpoint. You must also renovate to ensure your home is protected from the rain. This includes researching on waterproof paint, quick-dry water stoppers for your roof, window strips to prevent window leaks, and other similar products. You must always keep in mind that part of a home being fixed in time for the rainy season is making sure your house can withstand any form of rain, from weak drizzles to strong typhoons. Because what is the use of having an aesthetically pleasing home during the rainy season if water is leaking everywhere?

It may seem gloomy during the rainy season, but this doesn’t have to translate to the ambiance of your home. You can even do little things to make your home warm and rainy season-ready. Just follow the tips above and your home will be a great place to stay in during rainy days.

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