In the Philippines, after summer comes the rainy season. This means cold winds, wet roads, and, of course, class and work suspensions. When the weather is cold and the rain is pouring steadily, it’s quite tempting to just stay in your condominium units, huddle up under a warm blanket, and sleep until the rain goes away. But while that is all fine and dandy, you may be missing out on what your condo has to offer if you decide to stay in. Below are some activities you can do in your condo while waiting for the rain to pass.

Go to your condo’s fitness center

With the rain constantly pouring this season, you may be out of luck in jogging outside or going to nearby gyms. This doesn’t mean you have to stop your regular exercise routine. Luckily, lots of condos, such as condos for rent in Alabang and condos for rent in Makati, offer fitness centers as part of their amenities. Not only will you be able to be productive and get your regular workout during the rainy season, it’s also at the comfort of your very own home. So in a way, you get the exercise without having to brave what may be a torrential downpour.

Make use of your condo’s entertainment center

Another common amenity of a high end condo is the entertainment center. This usually has indoor games such as air hockey and foosball, TV sets, and gaming consoles. Maximize these amenities whenever it’s a rainy day and you have nothing better to do. You’ll have lots of fun and your mind will get much needed stimulation from the games you play and from the movies you can watch. Who says you have to go to a mall to get quality entertainment?

Try out the food at your condo’s cafe

There are also a lot of condos that have simple cafes for its residents to dine in. These cafes offer a variety of choices from coffee to cakes to salads. It’s quite the dining out experience without having to actually go out. If you have date plans that were cancelled due to the rain, eating in your condo’s cafe is a good compromise. Nothing like a hot cup of coffee to beat the cold. And since the cafe is inside the condominium complex, you don’t have to worry much about the rain.

Read a good book at the library

If your idea of relaxation is solitude, go see if your condo has its own library. Some condos, such as the Bristol at Parkway Place in Alabang, have this amenity as a way to diversify their offered amenities. At the library, you can find peace and comfort as you finish that book you’ve been putting off for a while. You can also do some of that overtime work here instead of your condo unit where you’ll be distracted by the sight of your bed. The library provides relaxation and productivity within its four walls.

City-dwellers, with their fast-paced lifestyles and constant schedules, would prefer going out to unwind and relax. But sometimes the best way to do so is to just stay in your condo to rest especially during the rainy season. Still, you’d be surprised at what a condo can offer other than a place of lodging. You may not be able to enjoy popular condo amenities such as the swimming pool during storms for safety reasons. Fortunately, lots of condos, such as condos for sale in Alabang, offer a lot more for that truly high-end experience. So the next time you’re stuck in your condo due to the rain, why not explore it a bit more? You’re sure to find something that tickles your fancy.